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This is a place for me to share my daily thoughts, ideas and helpful tips. Expect comments on everything from Language Learning to Business Endeavours and anything in between…

Thoughts: Teaching Kids to Code

Teaching kids to code is an increasingly debated topic and now Kano have added fuel to the fire by introducing harry potter branded learn to code products.

Thoughts: Savings

My attitude to savings and how important having a financial plan in place is for your future.

Thoughts: Flow

How I get effective results quickly by finding my flow and completing tasks at my maximum potential.

Thoughts: Adventure

As a fan of adventure, it can be hard to pull away from the daily routine to find time to travel, but it doesn’t mean you can’t…

Thoughts: Habits

Habits play a massive part in directing your future. Your good habits will lead you to success, but your bad habits will lead you to failure. Where will you end up?