Have you seen my posts about my walks along the Jurassic Coast? Well they were inspired by The Land Beyond by Leon McCarron. I’ve never minded walking, in fact I did Duke of Edinburgh Bronze + Silver and I am currently working towards Gold, but I wouldn’t have actively pursued walking. The Land Beyond changed all that, it inspired me to take action and get outside.

The Land Beyond by Leon McCarron is more than just a journey, it’s a journey through time. Following old biblical paths and historic accounts of the area, Leon McCarron walked 1000 miles through the heart of the Middle East and the Holy Land. A great feat of modern adventure.

Starting in Jerusalem, Leon McCarron walked, mostly alone, full circle to the peaks of Mount Sinai. He delves into the history of the area to get to know the people that call it home. Hearing stories from both sides, Leon tries to remain impartial amongst the political turmoil and educate the reader by filling in some of the gaps, ultimately making The Land Beyond as educational as it is inspirational.

But The Land Beyond by Leon McCarron is more than just a piece of travel literature. It is a commentary on the state of the region and a discovery of the modern day way of life for it’s inhabitants. With people at the heart of the journey, Leon tells their story. Meeting people from all walks of life, Leon successfully manages to capture the wide scope of lifestyle in the Middle East. From entrepreneurs making a difference by scouting future walking trails and creating hope, to impoverished victims caught in conflict, Leon tells the honest story of the region.

Whether you are into hiking or not, The Land Beyond is a must have if you want to better understand the history and affairs of the Middle East.