“With great power… comes great irresponsibility”

The official Red Band trailer for Deadpool, set for release February 12th 2016, was revealed this week and my god does it look good. With references, cameos, sex and of course jam packed with violence, Deadpool is set to become the R-Rated film comic book fans have been eagerly waiting for, and its definitely NSFW.

However, after the release of both a Green Band and Red Band trailer it is possible that two versions of the film will be released. The Green Band trailer to coincide with the comic book target audience of pubescent teenagers and the Red Band trailer to give die hard fans the real Deadpool experience.

For those of us not attuned to the comics, Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson) is a mentally unstable mercenary who, due to suffering from cancer, joins the Weapon X program and gains the superpower of enhanced healing derived from the Wolverine. For not wanting to spoil the film, since the film does seem to be a full blown origin story, you can click here to find out more.

So what does the trailer actually highlight?

The trailer emphasizes Deadpool’s use of the fourth wall and humor. The fact there was a trailer for the trailer shows Fox’s appreciation of these key character traits.
Yes there was actually trailer for the actual trailer… Check it out.

This can also be seen in the actual trailer (I know the overuse of the word trailer is confusing, but bear with me), where Wade Wilson makes reference to a previous Ryan Reynolds film and the DC comic Green Lantern:

“Please don’t make the super suit green, or animated!”

So what else is there? Well if fourth wall banter and humor isn’t your thing, how about other superheroes? In particular that of Colossus. Colossus, another super hero from the X-Men universe, makes a brief appearance in the trailer where he seems to be fighting Deadpool. This appearance alone opens up the potential for future plot lines and appearances by other superheroes of the X-Men universe, which can be similarly seen in the recent Marvel release Ant-Man, where in one scene of the film you have Ant-Man fight the Falcon, a member of the Avengers.

There is also of course violence. And lots of it. Building upon the action and martial arts in Wolverine: Origins (yes if you didn’t realise Deadpool was in Wolverine: Origins and yes he was played by Ryan Reynolds see for yourself here) you have numerous scenes of intense close quarters sword combat. IOh, and Deadpool also somersaults and spins in the air as he performs a triple headshot.

Finally both Ryan Reynolds and fans a like get the Deadpool film they have been waiting for. And it looks like its going to be one of the big films of 2016. See the trailer for yourself below:

Red Band Trailer (Sex, bloody violence and strong language):

Green Band Trailer (Less sex, less violence and dampened language. Why would you even bother watching this version?!)