Baroness live at the O2 Institute, Birmingham. 29th of February 2016.

Progressive/Sludge Metal band Baroness and Synth-Metal support act No Spill Blood, rocked the O2 Institute in Birmingham last night and my god it was good. Having only heard of Baroness just over a week ago, it was quite a spontaneous event, but well worth it.

No Spill Blood opened the night with a 7 song set (which is shown below). Having not heard of any of their stuff before, I was pleasantly surprised. As hard as it is to play to an audience that have no idea who you are, the Irish Synth-Metal trio (consisting of a bassist + vocalist, drummer and synth player) quite quickly got the crowd interested. By the end of White Out, the crowd were ready for more.

Although I enjoyed their sound, I couldn’t really hear the lyrics. The vocals were distorted which was obviously intended, as it’s also used on their albums and it worked well with their sound, but it masked the words.

No Spill Blood’s setlist.

No Spill Blood Setlist O2 Institute2, Birmingham, England 2016

After a short interval for equipment change over and sound check, Baroness took to the stage. Starting off with Kerosene followed by fan favourite March To the Sea, Baroness started as they meant to go on, and by that I mean a set filled with heavy hitters. Morningstar, Shock Me and Board Up the House carried on the high energy start before Green Theme, which acted as a somewhat intermission for the crowd to catch their breath due to singing their hearts out.

The Iron Bell got the ball rolling again, while Little Things took the crowd to new heights (no joke, the girl next to me started crying of joy when the chorus hit). My personal favourite, If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain?), soon followed and is probably the reason why I have such a sore throat today, as I (and many others) couldn’t help but sing along. A few songs followed that I didn’t really know (Fugue and Sea Lungs) but still enjoyed, before slow building, but high ending, Chlorine & Wine. The set hit it’s climax when Try to Disappear, Cocainium and Eula closed off the set.

After briefly walking off stage, before being summoned back by the crowd, Baroness played a two song encore. Another slow building but high ending song started the encore. The heavily guitar based Isak, got the crowd pumped and ready for what would be the last song of the night. In the spirit of “keeping the best to last”, Baroness officially closed the set with all time fan favourite Take My Bones Away. A great way to end an amazing night of music.

Baroness’ setlist.

Baroness Setlist O2 Institute2, Birmingham, England 2016

Having only been to one pretty small metal gig before this, by a now not so small band (Sanguine), I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a great night of music with strong performances from two amazing bands. Thankfully there wasn’t a mosh pit as that’s not really my thing. Besides having a sore-ish neck from head banging, a sore throat from “singing” along and still ringing ears (might need to get them checked…) is enough for me.

Not to self: bring some sort of ear protection next time…