New music discovery is integral, so much so that we live to spread our love of basslines with anyone and everyone that will listen. What better way is there to do that then, than by shining a light on the hidden gems of dance music’s thriving underground?


DJ/Producer VOLKA is leaving their mark in the undergrounds of Mexican dance music, effortlessly infusing elements of traditional house, bass house and tech house to create instant favourites. Batshit Crazy sounds and feels like a modern day house classic, whereas Like This is an enthralling tech house banger. Their latest release titled Move Your Body is somewhere between the two and combines the use of catchy melodies and lyrical hooks with a pumping bassline. VOLKA is definitely one to watch.


Bruno Pacheco, aka BRN, is a rising star in the Brazilian dance music scene, landing high profile collaborations with the likes of producers such as Gustavo Mota, as well as releasing popular original works. Since BRN first made an appearance in 2019 with Bitches, Money, Respect and Right on Time, they’ve shown a keen ear for sample usage and production. Over the last couple years they’ve honed their skills and started 2021 strong with the releases of 1, 2, 3, 4 and Stay. However, our favourite of their 2021 releases to date, is their most recent titled Rescue.


Not much is known about the mysterious act DNA. With no known social profiles, nothing filled out on their Soundcloud page and no results from a reverse image search of their artwork, they’re practically ghosts. All we do know however, is they’ve released a single track titled Cell Phone and it’s pretty good! We’ve skipped past the clichรฉ intro for you, although it’s not nearly as bad as The Blackout Crew’s intro to Dialled

Sacha Robotti

DJ, producer and founder of the rapidly growing Slothacid imprint, Sacha Robotti has done it all. With over a decade of experience under their belt and countless original works and collaborations, its rather surprising how little appreciation they’ve garnered in the mainstream circles of dance music. They’ve come a long way since their chilled out experimental early releases such as Melato Nina and Low Key Goddess, to their more prominent acid house vibes such as Eliminate.


Another rather anonymous artist is C8pable. While they have a slightly more established back catalogue than DNA, they haven’t got any social media accounts that we are aware of. Records suggest they’ve been in the game for no longer than 6 months, when they released 12 Till 12 – a mix of songs such as Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic and Raingurl by Yaeji to name a couple. In terms of original work though, C8pable only boasts two tracks to date that we can see, these being You’re All I Need and I Wanna See You Dance, but both of which are worth checking out.


All we know about French artist BNVK, is that they like to “Make Music and Drink Coffee” as it’s posted in the about section of each and every one of their social accounts. What we can tell from their music however, is that they know what they’re doing. Having released a number of tracks since 2017, BNVK stems around the tech house genre and is able to both successfully remix the work of others, we recommend their remix of Geometry, as well as produce quality content of their own such as Do It and Get On. Our favourite release of theirs though is their most recent track titled Hypnotize.


Part of Sacha Robotti’s aforementioned Slothacid imprint, Tau0n are a unique acid duo that create addictive basslines rolled over captivating lyrics. Garnering support from other Slothacid names such as JTJ and Steve Darko, Tau0n are beginning to turn heads with their psychedelic styling. Their most recent EP titled Mechanical Heart has been well received but our favourite track to date is one of their many collaborations with Sacha Robotti titled Just Vibin’.

In House

South West based tech house duo In House are known for their quirky homemade music videos (check out Oh Yeah and Instagramdj) and their 2 DJs 1 HOUSE podcast. In House are passionate about all things house music. They’re a great pair that love what they’re doing and it definitely comes across in their music, with both their original tracks and remixes (check out Rain on Me) finding a following among dedicated fans.


David Cervantes, aka MR.STILร˜, is a well known name in the underground scene with a strong cult following and a growing number of successful releases under their belt. Stemming from a mainly heavy metal background, they became an electronic music convert after attending EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and has since devoted their free time to mastering the craft. It won’t take long for you to notice this inherent talent in tracks such as The Devil, The Moon and their most recent single The Magician. We believe it’s only a matter of time before they progress to the world circuit.

So there you have it, a number of great artists that are up-and-coming in their respective genres and are definitely worth keeping an eye on!