Omar posing with a Nerf gun in the kitchen – Aberystwyth, Wales, November 10th

Today’s post is a bit different. Usually I would just write down whatever the picture made me think about or related to. However, today I am going to feature one of my housemates in an interview like manner. Since I’m not particularly good at journalistic writing or portrait photography, I guess this was a good way to practice. So without further ado, my brief interview with Omar Walton-Jeffers.

What course are you studying and why?
I am doing BA in Acting. All I’ve ever done has been creative. I started learning piano when I was younger and my parents forced me to do stage school and as a kid I didn’t particularly enjoy it. It was only when I got to A-Level that I decided to take the course and start enjoying it for what it was. When it came to university I had a choice between music and acting and I decided to do acting. 

Have you got any career aspirations? If so, what are they?
If you asked me that two years ago, I would have said famous actor, movie star that kinda thing. But now I really just want to be in the arts scene anyway I can. I do want to make this work and I am going to push for it. Even if that means just helping out the community locally. I really look up to my dad and what he does, he does a lot of community projects, like teaching dance. He is a role model to me.  My Auntie was the one who helped me figure out what it was that I wanted to do, I could always talk to her. But the one person who’s always been there for me and pushing me to do what I wanted to do was my Mum. Looking back I didn’t treat my mum and give up her as much respect as I should have done. She’s made me the person I am today. 



What do you like to do when you’re not working, how do you relax?
Drinking, gaming, hanging out with friends, uh drinking? I have been doing a lot of work though recently so haven’t had as much time to relax. I’ve changed a lot since a few years ago when it was all play and no work. Now I’m a lot more focussed on what I want to achieve. 

Favorite band?
I’m a big music fan and it changes often, but at the moment I really like Martha and the Muffins. Particularly their song Echo Beach. But I’m also really heavily into Grime music. I find it really hard to choose a favourite artist because it’s not a certain genre anymore it’s a mix of all sorts. But if I had to choose it would be Daft Punk because when I’m feeling like I’m in a tough place, it always manages to calm me down and chill me out.

Favorite places to be/ hangout?
Well I was with my mates Josh Robinson, Harry Greenwood, Dave Alison and Alex Stroud and we to a place called Fabric in London. It was probably the greatest night of my life so far. Another great night was with mate Cyrus Allen who took us to a place called Your Mum’s House and me Alex and Cyrus just had such a great night. I also used to hangout with the old gang the “dickheads” at Capital (our local Weatherspoons) it was just a cool place to be. Koko in London is also another good place to go. I went there for New Year’s and the atmosphere was amazing. Although I could list a lot more places, I’ll just give one more. The New Cross Inn. Owain and Finn used to just make me laugh so much there. So many good memories.

In Aber unfortunately there are only two places to be. Depending on how drunk I am, I might go to Pier to enjoy the cheesy music, otherwise I’ll just go to Yokos with the rest of my mates. 


Finally you suggested I ask a deep question, what do you think humanity’s purpose is in life?
Our life purpose changes over time. We were just meant to live off the land, but there has always been some sort of “authority figure”. We live most of our life as teenagers living off the “land” aka parents etc. When we hit the real world, i.e adulthood, we have to do the same for our kids. We have to provide and be their authority figure. Really in my opinion, it’s just about having fun while we can and trying to make an impact on the world in any way we can. At least that’s what I hope to achieve.

Any final words?
I’d like to thank Jake Doran for interviewing me. Any agents out there looking for a spontaneous guy add me on Facebook [I’m] Omar Walton, i’m not on twitter so you won’t find me there. Yolo. Oh I also think Cora J. Hawkins should do the next interview!

Well there we have it. The questions aren’t the broadest or the most revealing but it gives us an insight into the life and mind of Omar. As I mentioned previously, this isn’t something I’ve done before and not something I consider I’m particularly good at, but it’s been a fun and enjoyable experience.