Starlings feeding at the pier – Aberystwyth, Wales, November 7th

Everyday, like clockwork, the Starlings converge on the pier to feed. Having witnessed this numerous times over the past two years, I’ve never actually stopped to take a photo. Until today.

Since the weather was overcast with strong winds (welcome to Wales…) I was planning on using a photo of the waves. Unfortunately they weren’t that interesting. The tide wasn’t in enough and the waves weren’t crashing against the walls as I’d hoped. With my idea gone, I decided to finish my loop of the seafront and turn back. It’s as I approached the pier from the south side that I saw them. Strings of people leaning against the railings, heads raised skywards, watching as the starlings performed their ballet. I momentarily joined the crowd of people. Another watcher fascinated by the movement of the birds. Leaving the others, I stopped once for this photo before continuing on home.

P.S The crowd of watchers were as interesting as the starlings themselves. Maybe a theme for a future post.