Sunset at North beach – Aberystwyth, Wales, April 18th

Although I was born and raised in the South West of England, in the picturesque county of Devon, for the majority of the last two years I’ve been living in the coastal town of Aberystwyth, Wales. Aberystwyth has become a second home, my “home away from home”.

Unfortunately Wales lives up to its reputation of rain, wind and gloom. However, although sunny days are rare, they’re worth waiting for.

At this particular moment in time, way back in April, my accommodation was situated on the seafront and I had a sea facing room. I could sit and watch the sun set over the calm waters from the comfort of my room, but that wasn’t enough. I needed to be outside in the moment. Taking part, not just watching it pass by.

After taking this photo I sat on the beach, listening to music playing from my iPod while the colourful sky faded to a dull black. I then walked home and closed my blind.