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While there are countless ways to make money online, did you know you can make money searching the internet? Yes you read that right, simply searching the internet can earn you some extra money each and every day.

I’ve personally made over £200 since adopting the process a year ago. While that may not sound like much, I’ve not done anything outside of what I would normally do making it a completely passive process! In this guide I explain how this process works, how much you can expect to earn and how you can follow a couple of tips to compound your earnings.

How to make money searching the internet

It’s safe to assume you probably search the internet countless times each day for both work and leisure. Be it to answer a burning question you may have, shopping online or getting up-to-date on all the latest news, searching the internet is an integral part of our daily lives. So why not get paid for it?!

Earn with Gener8

Gener8 have devised innovative services to help internet searchers earn money online, by replacing any adverts you would normally see with ones curated by them. Rather than seeing random adverts, you’ll see theirs and they pay you with points in return. These points can then be redeemed in their marketplace for physical products, money off vouchers, digital gift cards or can even be donated to charity.

Having appeared on CNN, The Gadget Show and even receiving backing on Dragons’ Den (the UK equivalent of Shark Tank), Gener8 is a viable way of earning a little extra each day. Watch founder Sam Jones wow the dragons below with his impressive pitch to find out more information on the product.

Gener8 Ads founder Sam Jones’ successful pitch on Dragons’ Den.

To earn with Gener8 all you need to do is sign up, complete a quick preferences survey and then either use their chromium browser or browser extensions. If you’re using their browser you’ll earn points every time you see one of their adverts or you open a new tab. If you’re using their extensions you’ll need to install the Gener8 Ads extension to earn from their ads or the Gener8 Tabs extension to earn from opening new tabs.

As you can see below, I’ve successfully used this process to rack up over £200 worth of points over the last year simply from searching the internet as I would normally. Nearly 25% of my earnings comes from opening tabs alone, making it an easy and passive process.

My Gener8 Ads dashboard.

10 points are roughly worth £1, meaning my 2426 points roughly equates to £242.60. Not a bad return for simply installing two browser extensions! Similarly you can earn 10 points for free by signing up via my referral link, just click the button below!

Earn with Qmee

Similar to Gener8 above, Qmee are another viable way to make money searching the internet. However, unlike Gener8 who pay you for viewing ads, Qmee pay users to click on promoted links you might stumble across when searching Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo or Bing. Even if you have no intention of buying the item being promoted to you, just following the link is enough for you to get credited!

This all happens thanks to their innovative browser extension that append search results to Google and Amazon. Qmee even give you a 10p bonus just for installing the browser extension. The incentive varies depending on the search result, but these bonuses will add up over time without you even knowing it! Below is an example of a promoted link offering 5p for a click-through to Groupon.

Qmee promoted search results.

As well as searching the internet, Qmee also offers earnings through completing online surveys, cashback schemes or downloading and playing mobile games. Obviously though each of these requires a bit more effort and are not passive income streams like searching.

The best bit about Qmee though is they pay you via PayPal and require no minimum payout, meaning you can get access to your money almost instantly! Alternatively you can choose payment by gift cards if you prefer, or you can donate your earnings to charity.

As a boost to help get you started, you can earn an extra 50p on your first gift card or PayPal cash out by using my referral link, just click the link below! With no minimum cash out required, you can sign up, install the browser extension, complete the tutorial and cash out to PayPal, and you’ll have made 60p in less than a minute!

How much can you earn searching the internet

It’s no secret that searching the internet isn’t going to make you rich, but it is a no hassle way to earn a few extra pounds a month almost passively. This makes it a great way to help pay off debt, squirrel away some savings or treat yourself to a meal out once a month at no extra effort.

Typical earnings suggest that users can earn around an extra £15 to £30 a month with Gener8 and anywhere up to £2 a month from Qmee searches alone. However, these ranges are only indications and are likely to vary depending on how often you search the internet. The more often you search the more you are likely to earn.

5 Tips to earn more when searching the internet

1. Combine products

While both products were mentioned individually above, there is no reason why you can’t use both in conjunction! In fact, using both tools together is the best way to increase the amount of money you make searching the internet.

My personal setup is:

  • Gener8 Ads extension
  • Gener8 Tabs extension
  • Qmee search extension

This means I earn from clicking through promoted search results thanks to Qmee, when I open a new tab to search thanks to Gener8 Tabs and again when the promoted page opens if it has ads thanks to Gener8 Ads!

2. Use on all devices

With the current work from home environment as a result of the Coronavirus, it’s likely that as well as having personal laptops/desktops you probably have a work device too. By downloading the Gener8 and Qmee extensions on your work devices you can ensure all your searches are earning you money. Just make sure it doesn’t violate any company equipment polices that might be in place first!

3. Refer your friends

I’m willing to bet that you have friends and I’m even willing to double down and say they too search the internet on a regular basis. Why not refer them to Gener8 and/or Qmee and earn when they earn! As of time of writing, Gener8 currently offer up to 50 points when one of your referrals signs up. Similarly Qmee have their own referrals incentives when your referrals cash out for the first time via PayPal. As of time of writing, the Qmee referral bonus stands at $1 which you can choose to pocket wholly, share equally with them or gift it to them completely.

4. Open tabs

This tip is specifically relevant to those using the Gener8 Tabs extension or Gener8 Browser and while it’s common sense, depending on your internet usage habits it could help you earn a few extra points. All you need to do is open more tabs! No I don’t mean keeping opening tabs with no purpose, but open a tab for each new search then close the old redundant tab.

Like most internet users I have the habit of replacing my existing tab with a new search. However, this defeats the purpose of the Gener8 Tabs feature. Instead, I now try to open a tab for each new search. This has helped my earn nearly 25% of all my Gener8 points from Gener8 Tabs.

An example of Gener8 Tabs.

5. Make every search count

As mentioned above, Qmee only promote listings on Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo or Bing. As such, if you are going directly to a website or using a different search engine then you are not using the product to it’s full.

For example, if you know you are going to buy a pair of boots from Nike rather than simply going directly to Nike to begin your search. First search for ‘mens Nike boots’ or similar on Google or Bing and see if it’s a qualified Qmee search. While this might equate to an extra click, it could be rewarded with a promoted result.

6. Utilize the Qmee reddit

Other Qmee users regular share the search results that led to promoted results in the Qmee Reddit thread, making it easier for you to find those qualified search results. What usually works for one user normally works for another. Give it a try and earn a few extra search results each week.


This quick guide shows just how easy it it to make money from home and earn money online by searching the internet. While it’s not a side hustle that’s going to be changing your lifestyle anytime soon, it’s a quick and effortless technique you can add to your portfolio of income streams. This is a technique I’ve used myself for a while now and wholly recommend!