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There are many ways to make money searching the internet, but not many are as reliable or competitive as Gener8. With this simple passive income stream, it’s possible to amass well over £200 a year by simply installing a couple browser extensions. So if you’re looking for ways to earn money online or make money from home, read on to discover everything you need to know to start earning with Gener8.

What is Gener8?

Formed in mid 2017, Gener8 seeks to empower their users by rewarding them for sharing their online data usage. Fast forward to the present day and they are now a growing player in the digital advertising space, helping thousands of users earn from their data every day.

The elevator pitch for Gener8 is that they are revolutionizing the digital space. Rather than companies using your online data unknowingly, you can opt in to be rewarded for sharing your data or simply prevent companies from tracking you at all.

Watch their brief pitch below to understand more.

The Gener8 Browser introduction video.

How does Gener8 work?

You’ll probably know from experience that when you search the internet you will see advertisements on some of the sites that you visit. Gener8 cleverly replaces these ads with their own and shares the money they make for doing so with you. This means you earn for doing nothing more than simply searching online. Best of all, your user experience in unimpeded by the whole thing meaning you earn passively every time you use the internet. You can also choose to switch to privacy mode if you wish to prevent seeing any ads altogether. However, you won’t be able to earn while in privacy mode.

Now you may be wondering what’s the catch, nothing is perfect right? Well unfortunately there is one slight catch with Gener8 – they pay in points rather than cash. These points can roughly be equated to 10 points = £1 and points can be redeemed on their online marketplace for a mixture of physical and digital products. Current offerings include money off vouchers, gift cards and donating to charity.

Moreover you can only redeem one product a week. However, you will typically only be able to generate enough points for one redemption each week anyway. So this doesn’t really have much of an impact. They continually add to their marketplace too when they announce new retail partnerships, meaning more and more rewards keep getting added.

How much can you earn from Gener8?

Gener8 earnings are completely passive and are based on the number of tabs you open and replaced adverts you see. As a result, the more time you spend searching the net and working online, the more you are likely to earn. However, users typically make between £10 and £30 a month on average.

Below is a screenshot of my personal earnings from over the last year, which equates to roughly £242. Since I work from home and regularly use the internet daily for both personal and business use, it’s likely I earn more than someone who only uses the internet a couple hours a week. So be sure to factor in your internet usage into your projected earnings.

Screenshot of my personal dashboard showing how much I’ve earned through Gener8.

I’m currently in no rush to spend my points and have only placed one order to date which is a donation to charity. With their continued growth, it’s likely that new redeemable options will be added in future so I’m happy to wait and see what the future brings!

Gener8 Ads setup guide

If you’re interested in earning with Gener8 (and who wouldn’t be?!), then simply follow these easy instructions and you’ll be rolling in the points in no time!

1. Sign Up

First things first, you’re going to need to head on over to Gener8 and sign up for a new account. By using my referral link you’ll get a sign up bonus of 10 points which is the equivalent of £1! Once you’re signed up, move on to step 2 below.

2. Fill out your profile

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be prompted to fill out your profile. This takes no time at all and is just to help setup your preferences for what adverts you might be interested in seeing.

Not only do you get a little bonus for completing your profile, it also helps you earn faster and more in the future. Gener8 uses your preferences to target ads to your interest meaning you get paid more for each advert you see!

3. Choose your earning method

Now that you’ve setup your account, you’ll need to decide how you want to earn. Do you want to use the Gener8 browser or their browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox? Don’t worry you’ll earn the same amount regardless of your choice, it’s more a personal preference.

Made your decision? Great! See below for the relevant next steps.

3a. Gener8 Browser

Earning with the Gener8 browser is probably the easier of the two options. Head on over to the dedicated browser page and click the download button.

The Gener8 Browser landing page.

Once you’ve downloaded the browser, start the install and, once it’s ready, open it if it doesn’t open automatically.

How to get setup with the Gener8 Browser.

Now you’ve got the browser installed and it’s running, you’ll be prompted to complete a brief introduction. This wizard will quickly summarise Gener8 and ask if you would like to import your browser preferences, history and saved passwords from your previous browser.

Once you’ve completed the intro or elected to skip it altogether, you’ll be asked to login or register. Since we already created an account in step one, you can go ahead and login!

The Gener8 Browser homepage prompting you to log in.

Once you’re logged in, you are all set to start making money searching the internet!

3b. Gener8 Extensions

If downloading a new browser sounds like too much hassle, then fear not because you can also earn by adding the dedicated Gener8 extensions. There are two extensions that you can download and earn off in different ways. As such if you want to maximise your earnings, you’ll want to install both. The extensions are:

  • Gener8 Ads – Replaces the adverts you see with Gener8 adverts (chrome / firefox)
  • Gener8 Tabs – Replaces your new tab window with Gener8’s tab instead (chrome / firefox)

Let’s look at how we setup and install each of these extensions in turn.

Gener8 Ads

When you install the Gener8 Ads extension, you’ll notice a new icon added to the upper right of your browser. If you see an exclamation mark on this icon don’t be alarm, it just means you’re not logged into your account.

Go ahead and click on the icon. A popup will appear prompting you to log in or register. Since you already created your account in step one, click log in and enter your account credentials.

The Gener8 Ads extension when you are not logged in.

When you’ve logged in successfully, the exclamation mark will go away and you will be able to start earning! Now when you click the Gener8 icon you will be able to see whether you are currently in rewards or privacy mode, your total points, site by site customization options and some quick links to manage your Gener8 account.

The Gener8 Ads extension when you are logged in.

Gener8 Tabs

Unlike Gener8 Ads, there is no icon to login and manage your Gener8 account. Gener8 Tabs works by replacing your default browser new tab window with a Gener8 Tab instead. By opening new tabs you might see adverts and earn points.

If you’ve already added the Gener8 Ads extension then it is likely you’re already logged in to Gener8 Tabs. However, you can easily check if you’re logged in or not by opening a new tab. If you’re not logged in you will see something similar to the below.

What a Gener8 Tab looks like when you are not logged in.

To log in, simply click the ‘Log In’ button, enter your account details for the account you created in step one and Bob’s your uncle you’re done! Easy right?

Now when you open a new tab, you’ll see a screen similar to this one instead.

What a Gener8 Tab looks like when you are logged in.

Not only do these tabs look nicer than your typical browser default one, they also show you your total points balance, how many tabs you’ve opened today, how many trackers have been blocked, which mode you are in (rewards or privacy), any saved bookmarks and some quick links to access your Gener8 account.

4. Start searching

With the browser installed or the extensions added, start searching and using the web as you would normally and start watching the points roll in! Head over to your Gener8 dashboard, click the Gener8 icon in your extensions bar or open a new tab to see how many points you’ve accrued so far.

5. Refer your friends

The final step is to refer your friends to Gener8. I’m making a sweeping generalization here and assuming you have a friend or two that regularly use the internet. If so, why not invite them to join Gener8? Not only will your friend get a bonus when they sign up, you’ll get a couple of points too! It truly is a win win scenario.

If you don’t have any friends there’s no need to worry, why not create a social media post, post on a relevant forum or create a blog post just like this one? Just make sure to include your unique referral link, which you can find by heading over to the referrals page.


In this post we’ve outlined how you can quickly and easily make money searching the internet with Gener8. Not only is this process extremely intuitive, once you’re setup it’s completely passive! It’s one of those rare set it and forget it income streams that makes a great addition to any Side Hustler’s portfolio. If you decide to use Gener8 let us know in the comments! We would love to hear how you are progressing and how much you’ve managed to rack up by simply searching online.