Technical search engine optimisation (SEO) relates to the behind the scenes aspects of your website such as page speed, indexing and crawaling. However, due to its percieved complexity, Technical SEO has an unfair reputation of being one of the hardest parts of SEO for newcomers to get to grips with.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of 18 great tools to help you understand and improve the technical aspects of your website and to help you improve your overall ranking.

Technical SEO tools

While Technical SEO might not be as exciting to some as keyword research, on-page optimisation or SEO analytics, it is probably the most impactful when it comes to your SEO strategy. Without a good technical underpinning, your website may be slow, unresponsive to mobile users or worse still, not crawled by search engines.

Thankfully however, there are a lot of tools out there to help SEO beginners.

1. Beam Us Up

Pricing: Free

While no longer in active development, Beam Us Up is a free downloadable crawler for windows, mac and linux.

The tool crawls your website and alerts you to any problems that might impact your SEO, for you to further investigate and resolve. Perfect for beginners just looking to make sure their site is in basic working order.

2. Botify

Pricing: Paid

Botify is an enterprise SEO tool that seeks to help large organisations. The idea behind the tool is that large sites may be under-represented in search results due to crawlers not being able to crawl the entire site.

How does Botify help? Well it provides a detailed audit of your site heirarchy allowing you to properly visualise the interconnectivity of your website. This means you can find the pages that are being crawled too little or too often to help you maximise your crawl budget, understand your current internal links and review mobile performance.

3. Browseo

Pricing: Free

Ever wondered what your website looks like in the eyes of Google’s crawlbots? Well head on over to Browseo, input your site’s URL and bask in the beauty of a unformatted html webpage…

So it’s not that pretty to look at. However, the information panel on the right-hand side is what we are really after. Browseo lets you see server response codes, the strucure of a given webpage, how many internal and eternal links there are and any supplied meta information!

This is a great tool to make sure you’ve got your page setup properly and it also comes in handy if you want to spy on the competition!

4. DareBoost

Pricing: Free / Paid

DareBoost is another auditing tool that provides an indepth check against a detailed set of criteria that they deem to be ‘SEO basics’.

Simply enter your URL into the search bar and DareBoost will generate a report for the supplied webpage that includes the likes of file bloat, page speeds and on-page SEO guidelines.

The free version allows you to do five searches a month, while the paid version provides additional features and removes the search limit.

5. DeepCrawl

Pricing: Paid

DeepCrawl is another enterprise technical SEO solution that aims to help large organisations keep on top of their websites.

Their ‘Automator’ service provides SEO QA ahead of deployments to prevent potentially harmful code from affecting your SEO. While other features in their vast suite include: mobile optimisation, monitoring page speeds and improving discoverability, as well as the likes of managing multiple domains and internationalisation.

6. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Pricing: Free

The mobile-friendly test by Google is one of many Technical SEO tools that they offer.

This quick checker allows you to determine whether or not a given page or your entire site is optimised for mobile devices.

7. Google Search Console

Pricing: Free

Next up in Google’s suite of SEO tools is their Search Console. As well as being a good all-round SEO analytics tool, search console also provides insight into the technical aspects of your pages.

From registering sitemaps to inspecting specific URLs, Google Search Console helps you understand your pages and alerts you ahead of time to any potential site issues. Its a must have tool for any SEO beginner.

8. Google Pagespeed Insights

Pricing: Free

The final Google tool in our list of Technical SEO tools is their Pagespeed Insights.

Just like their Mobile-Friendly Test, Pagespeed Insights is a quick test to check how fast your page loads on various screen sizes and internet connections. The results are accompained by some nice stats that somewhat point you in the right direction to resolving issues in the future.

9. GTmetrix

Pricing: Free / Paid

Similar to Pagespeed Insights and DareBoost, GTmetrix is another site performance tool targeting page speed.

Simply enter your URL into the search bar and the tool will audit your site in realtime giving you a score for a large number of different categories. Along side your score, you can click “What’s this mean?” to find out more information with suggestions on how to improve your site’s score.

The free version only offers a limited set of features compared to the paid alternatives, however, it provides enough information to help beginners in their site’s early stages.

10. Pingdom

Pricing: Paid

Pingdom is a nice user monitoring tool to simulate or even observe how users interact with your site.

Choose to either simulate interaction by monitoring site uptimes, accessing page speed analysis and testing transactions such as new user registrations, or opt for the more expensive plan to observe real end user interactions and start to understand how users actually experience your site.

11. Screaming Frog

Pricing: Free / Paid

Screaming Frog is another downloadble spider tool that can crawl URLs to extract data and audit common SEO issues.

Great for both on-page and technical SEO, Screaming Frog can help you find broken links, audit redirects, analyse page content, review robots.txt, generate site maps and a whole lot more!

The free version allows you to search 500 URLs for free, whereas the paid version is unrestricted.

12. SEO Analyzer

Pricing: Free / Paid

Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer is part of his Ubersuggest suite and provides a detailed SEO audit of your site like similar tools in this list.

Simply enter your URL and the tool will crawl your site to find any SEO issues and recommendations as well as scoring your site against SEO best practices. If any issues are found they will be listed with an estimated resolution difficult and a potential SEO impact allowing you to easily find any quick wins.

The free version provides only a portion of all the potential data available so you will need to create an account and upgrade to get access to the full tool.

13. SEOptimer

Pricing: Free / Paid

The SEO auditting tool SEOptimer, is yet another piece of reporting software to provide insight into how to improve the technical side of your website.

Similar to others in this list, SEOptimer provides a detailed report with suggestions on how to improve a given URL. This time however, it grades your site against SEO, Performance, Security, Usability and Social allowing you to see where your site is exactly falling short.

The free version allows you to audit your site, while the paid versions grant you more features such as score tracking, which allows you to determine if your changes are making a positive difference or not.

14. Varvy

Pricing: N/A

Even though Varvy’s tools have currently been retired due to API difficulties and programming issues, the site is still a good resource for SEO beginners.

The site’s owner has written articles for each of the core ideas behind Google’s SEO guidelines from advice on linking to how to properly display content. If you’re new to SEO you might want to check them out and learn how to best structure and layout your site.

15. Website Penalty Indicator

Pricing: Free

The free Website Penalty Indicator offered by FE International is a useful tool to help understand if a Google algorithm change has impacted your site’s SEO.

With Google producing around 600 algorithm changes each year it’s hard to keep on top of what’s going on. However, with this free tool you no longer need to! As well as checking your site against algorithm changes, the site also briefly summarises what each release involved so you can see if there is anything you can take advantage of.

16. Woorank

Pricing: Free / Paid

Woorank is another auditting tool to analyse your on-page and technical SEO.

Similar to the other audit based tools in the list, Woorank provides a detailed review of your site with the option to download the report for further viewing if you’re a paid user.

A nice feature Woorank offer though, is their ‘Marketing Checklist’ that provides you with a prioritised to-do list to ensure your site is in the best standing it can be in. It’s worth noting however, that the free version only has access to the top three priorities.

17. Xenu

Pricing: Free

Named after the Galactic ruler Xenu who is found in the religion of Scientology, this free SEO tool checks to see if there are any broken links on your website.

Its full name is Xenu’s Link Sleuth which aptly describes it purpose – detecting all links in a given page. After finding a link it checks it for a positive server response before moving onto the next. At the end of the scan, results are output to a HTML file for easy viewing.

18. XML Sitemaps

Pricing: Free / Paid

The final tool on our list of Technial SEO tools for beginners is XML Sitemaps – a simple tool for generating sitemaps.

Sitemaps are vital for ensuring search engines can properly crawl and index your site, so if you don’t already have one use this handy tool to get one generated!

The free version is capped at 500 pages which will be suitable for most small sites, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account if you want to extend this limit. The paid version also hosts the sitemap for you, submits it to search engines and keeps it up-to-date so you don’t need to worry about a thing!


And with that, we conclude our list of Technical SEO tools for beginners. Whether you’re already on top of your SEO or are completely new to the whole thing we hope you’ve found something useful from this list.

Remember success with SEO is a long-term venture so make sure to regularly audit and maintain your site!