Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential practice that can make or break your site. Whether you’re destined for the top slot or doomed to the depths of undiscovery, ultimately depends on your site’s SEO.

But don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may first appear and we’ve compiled this list of SEO tools for beginners to help you on your way.


Before we dive into the tools, it’s worth noting that SEO is a multi-faceted long-term game that can’t be won overnight. It can take months or even years of consistent execution of good practice before you start seeing results. Please bear this in mind when it comes to your SEO strategy – it’s a marathon not a sprint!

Keyword research tools

Keyword research is an integral part of your content writing and SEO strategy. If the content you’re writing doesn’t align with the content that users are searching for, your site is going to be as popular as a desert island.

Use these keyword research tools to help find potential topics to write about, or to retarget your content with similar keywords to increase its chances of being seen by others.

1. Ahref’s Keyword Generator

Pricing: Free / Paid

The keyword generator supplied by Ahref’s is an incredibly powerful tool for finding similar keywords to a given search term. Being one of the main players in the website analytics industry, Ahref’s have a vast database of queries to search from.

Simply enter your keyword, choose your target search origin and click search to start generating real search terms. You can even list terms based on Google, Bing, YouTube or Amazon search results and split results between ‘all idea’ and ‘questions’.

The free version gives you up to 100 results for each search, while the paid version allows you to see all the possible queries.


Pricing: Free is a free tool for finding questions related to a given search term. It does this by making use of auto-complete data to present you with related queries. Simply put in your target keyword, target language and target region and it will generate a series of linking questions.

Its straightforward user-interface shows how questions relate which is great for structuring blog posts as this allows you to decide upon what should be headings and subheadings. However, the number of results generated are quite low and searches can take a short while to generate. But for a free tool is a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

3. Answer The Public

Pricing: Free / Paid

Similar to, Answer The Public generates questions related to a given search term. However, rather than working with auto-complete data, Answer The Public makes use of AI suggestions.

Again enter your target keyword, choose your region and language to start generating longtail question keywords. Questions are split into categories based on the term and a reasonably large number of suggestions can be generated fairly quickly.

However, with the free version you are limited to only a few searches a day. The paid alternative removes this restriction and provides additional features such as CSV exporting, time based data comparisons and customer support.

4. Bing Webmaster Tools

Pricing: Free

Similar to Google’s suite of services, Bing Webmaster Tools provides numerous SEO tools including analytics, reporting, diagnostic and keyword research. Simply sign in or create an account if you’re a new user and you’ll get access to everything you need to start your research.

All of the keyword data is from real organic searches from the past six months and can be split by language and regions. It even keeps track of your last 25 search terms to help you quickly navigate to past searches.

5. Bulk Keyword Generator

Pricing: Free

Higher Visibility’s Bulk Keyword Generator does exactly what it says on the tin – it generates keywords in bulk. However, unlike other keyword research tools it bases keyword suggestions on a given industry, niche and location for example ‘Accounting -> Accounting Agencies -> UK’. Unfortunately this limits the tool’s usability for solely business purposes such as Local SEO.

6. CanIRank

Pricing: Free / Paid

CanIRank is a novel tool that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) in order to provide actionable recommendations to increase your chances of ranking for a given keyword. It provides an insight into why pages are ranking highly and what you may need to do to be able to beat them.

The free version is hidden behind an account creation and it provides a handful of recommendations and SEO analyses, while the paid version unlocks the site’s full potential.

7. Exploding Topics

Pricing: Free

If you mix Google Trends with a weekly newsletter, you’ve got yourself Exploding Topics. A free email subscription grants you access to topics that are likely to explode in the near future. While not necessarily a keyword generation tool per se, it might give you a heads up on content that is soon to see an increase in search volume.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Pricing: Free

While originally intended for highlighting the potential exposure of Google Ads, the Google Keyword Planner can be used to identify keywords and their potential search volume. Simply walk through the ad creation steps for your website choosing target locations and keywords and you’ll be presented with an estimated search volume. It’s then up to you whether or not you go through with the actual advert.

9. Google Trends

Pricing: Free

An often underestimated free SEO tool is Google Trends which allows you to search for any keyword and see how well it scores in regards to search interest i.e. how frequently the term is searched.

While the search interest doesn’t explicitly suggest search volume, it does let you know whether or not the keyword is popular. A popular keyword or a keyword with rising popularity could make a good choice when it comes to writing content, whereas a keyword declining in popularity is probably best avoided.

To top it off, Google also supplies you with a handful of related topics that you might want to make note of.

10. Keywords Everywhere

Pricing: Paid

Unlike the other tools so far on this list, Keywords Everywhere is a browser plugin that can be installed for chrome or firefox rather than a standalone tool. However, don’t be fooled as it is pretty darn powerful.

This nice little browser extension provides not only monthly search volume for the keywords you search, but it also provides the google ads cost per click (CPC) as well as the adwords competition. This means you can instantly see if other sites are paying for advertising for a given keyword and how much they are paying, allowing you to either join the fight or run for the hills.

The pricing structure is also pretty neat which involves paying for credits upfront that can be redeemed for keyword searches. The conversion rate is $10 for 100,000 credits or as little as $0.0001 per search.

11. Keyword Sh*tter

Pricing: Free

While not the nicest of names, it’s probably one of the most accurate. Keyword Sh*tter takes a keyword and dumps as many variations and like terms as it can. Success is ultimately dependent on the origin term with hundreds or even thousands of variations possible.

12. Keyword Surfer

Pricing: Paid

Similar to Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Surfer is another browser plugin but this time under a monthly subscription. Rather than just providing keyword data though, Keyword Surfer provides a wealth of other features from the likes of On-Page SEO and Technical reporting.


Pricing: Free / Paid is another great keyword generation tool that offers precise search volume, CPC values and competition indication. You can choose from a wide range of search engines, including social media, and split results into statements and questions.

However, the free version only provides a list of related keywords as a monthly subscription is required to access keyword metric. But that said, there is no search cap so if you’re only interested in generating keywords then you can generate to your heart’s content!

Tip: Pair the free versions of and to get a list of search terms and their search volume metrics all for free!


Pricing: Free

Another great tool by Higher Visibility is their Reddit keyword tool Keyworddit. Simply choose a Reddit subthread and the tool will stripe out potential keywords that appear in that subthread. This is a handy tool to see what actual people are talking about, sharing and asking for assistance with.

15. KWFinder

Pricing: Paid

KWFinder is another powerful keyword research tool that does everything you could possibly need it to such as competitor analysis, historical data and local seo research. However, perhaps its best feature is a keyword search tool that allows you to find terms you could easily rank for!

By targeting keywords with low SEO difficulty and higher than normal search volumes, KWFinder makes it easier for you to get your pages ranked.

16. Moz Keyword Explorer

Pricing: Free / Paid

Moz’s Keyword Explorer is an all in one solution for keyword targeting allowing you track ranking keywords, generate site overviews, research keyword suggestions and build lists of potential phrases to target in your SEO strategies.

You can get 10 free keyword searches a month or you can upgrade to one of the many paid plans to access more searches and features.

17. Seed Keywords

Pricing: Free

Another unique spin on keyword generation is that solution offered by Seed Keywords which makes uses of personal networks and roleplaying. The idea behind the concept is that you create a short succinct scenario and ask your network to fill out keywords that they word personally use to solve the problem. This is great for utilising an established brand as you can directly ask your audience the terms they would search for.

However, keyword generation is solely dependent on others responding to your scenario. You could end with an empty list or worse a list of unhelpful answers.

18. Soovle

Pricing: Free

Soolve is a quick keyword generation tool to find the top related terms for a range of search engines. Simply input a keyword and it will tell you the top terms for each search engine.

While Soolve may not look like a helpful tool from its cluttered and hardly readable display, the fact you can download suggestions to CSV makes the user interface mostly redundant.


Pricing: Free / Paid is another Google Keyword Planner related tool that allows you to see exact search volume metrics for a given set of keywords for a targeted region. It’s simple and effective with a no fuss interface.

The free version allows you to search for up-to 800 phrases at once and caps you at 800 keyword searches a day, whereas the paid version extends these limits to 5,000 phrases per search and 50,000 keyword searches a day.

20. Ubersuggest

Pricing: Free / Paid

Neil Patel is one of the leading names in the SEO business and his tool Ubersuggest is a popular favourite for obvious reasons. This all-in-one tool provides keyword ideas, content suggestions, site overviews, traffic analysis, site audits and backlink services.

It’s free to make searches although the results aren’t detailed. Detailled results are hidden behind account creation and payment walls. The paid version grants access to all features on monthly search limit basis.

21. Wordtracker

Pricing: Free / Paid

The final tool in our list is Wordtracker, a keyword discovery and competitor analysis tool. The tool provides a handful of free searches each day with limited results or a paid alternative that removes the search limit and increases the number of results per search.

Searches are easily exportable to CSV, can be added to lists and show relevant metrics including: monthly search volume, competitiveness and the number of domains that have an external link to them with the keyword.


There you have it, a list of 21 awesome keyword research tools to help you with your SEO! Add these tools to your SEO arsneal and who knows, you may even end up on the front page of the web!