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“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

For the last two weeks, I’ve felt that I have been losing track of time. It feels like the days just blur together and what feels like only a few hours amounts to a whole day. I always seem to find this though when I’m getting stuck into problems, but I am yet to work out whether it’s good or bad…

Nobody likes boredom or a day that just seems to drag on forever, but equally I’m slowly becoming aware of how valuable my time is. I am only 23 years old, but I am an extremely ambitious person and have a lot I want to achieve. Therefore, feeling like I’ve wasted a day (or even a week!) isn’t good.

However, that’s probably only because the time hasn’t been spent on my own personal interests, but rather at work. I am currently contracted to work 40 hours a week, but regularly show up earlier and leave later, making that more like 42.5 hours. Moreover, I run three times a week which works out to be around an hour a run (including travel time), so by the time I’ve finished dinner it’s usually 8pm! This leaves me roughly 3 hours a night during the week to spend on myself, as I go to bed at 11, which isn’t really that much.

With my weekdays mostly spent, this makes the weekends even more important. However, I’m usually so tired from the working week that I use the time to relax and rest rather than be productive. That said, I do usually try to get a few things done but still nowhere near what I should or could be doing. I’m hoping that this is because I’m fairly new to the working world and it is something I will get used to in the near future…

To summarise, it’s scary to notice that you’ve been losing track of time, even at a young age. Time flies which means it’s paramount to be aware with how you could be “wasting” time and how you can make as much valuable use of it as you can.