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“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” – Thomas Aquinas

This weekend I’m going up to stoke-on-trent, to see two of my closest friends. Having not been to stoke-on-trent before and having not seen my friends since February, it’s going to be a good weekend and a much needed break after these last couple stressful weeks at work.

Having met during the first year at Aberystwyth University, we’ve been friends ever since. When they moved to Aberdeen for a year to do a masters, I took a 10 hour train from Exeter to visit them and even though I was travelling for nearly a full day to get there and back, I knew it would be worth it. Thankfully this time they’re a bit closer to home, but it’s no least exciting.

I always look forward to visiting new places, however near or far. Even though I’ve not been to many places and not taken many trips, I somehow feel like a¬†veteran¬†traveller. I can fit into the hustle and bustle of train platforms, I can navigate busy, over-populated train stations and I can get into a cab and say take me to X, Y or Z.

We don’t have much planned to do while I’m there, but good friends don’t need to. We simply find pleasure in each others companies and don’t require action packed days or planned itineraries to keep ourselves entertained. There are simple joys in simple things.

To summarise, you don’t need to talk all the time or see each other everyday for a friendship to be meaningful. By keeping in touch with the people you consider close friends, however far away they are, you’ll feel happier by simply making the effort to stay in contact. And if they are far away, plan a trip and make a holiday out of it!